Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking on their feet

It was Tuesday, July 20 this week. I asked my Erdkinder seniors to talk about trivial matters the impromptu way. The procedure was more of allowing these "children" to think on their feet. Here, a topic is given and the speaker speaks right there and then.

It was refreshing. Seeing these children do things that I did when i was younger is so much fun. And my! It was far better.

Above are Shanice, Abby, Monica and Nathan

Above are Nicole, Kim, Michiko, Julia and Shanice

Above are Kim, Michiko, Julia, Shanice and Abby

Above are Abby, Monica, Nathan and Sherwin

And the last pose for the day:
with Sherwin, Derik, Sean and Koby

The exercise that I asked them to do is to prepare them for the British Parliamentary Debate bouts that I introduced to them days ago. I am excited to see good speakers and debaters from this group. So far, they have proven themselves to be far better than me.

After all, the goal of every teacher is to make his student better than himself.

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