Monday, July 13, 2009


There are times when it feels weird because my dreams are bigger than myself. Needless to say that the Filipino dream continues to be that of a house and a car.

But above these things, would you believe that I want to be like the old day Nehemiah? Since I am female, becoming like Joyce Meyer in my lifetime would be something nice.

I have never subscribed to be a recipient of her ministry yet but I am familiar with her personal writings.
For me, she's like Nehemiah. Her initiative on things is something that is inspiring. Her inspirational thoughts move me especially when it comes to praying.

I love sharing my insights and with the help of this blog, I'd be able to proliferate my ideas more. Whenever you find me sitting with women or friends, how I love talking about things under the sun. Life is beautiful to those who make use of it for Jesus.

In my spiritual walk, I feel that I have not explored a lot yet. To me, something needs to be done more. Something must be in store.

Yes, I love Nehemiah. I want to learn more about his sense of timing, how he connects with people and how he empowers them. I want to make a difference in the lives of people I am with - not just my spouse , my family, my co - teachers, my co - ministers, my friends, my spiritual "anaks," my spiritual "nephews and nieces" but to anyone.

May God use me more like he used Nehemiah.

Rebuilding walls, yes, that is.

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