Monday, July 20, 2009


I have an "ate" I call as Ate Emz. She introduced me this book "The Jesus I Never Knew." I kinda forgot the author though. But more than the book, what caught me was the words that dear Te Emz said.

She told me that the reason why Christians do not live the Christlike way is because they do not Jesus fully well. That line dropped me dead.

I am a Christian for like twenty years now and I must say I am having a hard time. IT IS SIMPLY NOT EASY. The Jesus way is not an easy road. It requires total forgetting of oneself and a total dying as well.

Lately, it has been an intimate desire to really know Jesus more. And I want to influence a lot of people. So far, the women I work closely are into that mode (hopefully!)

Perhaps it is noticed by my friends (older and younger alike) that whatever I am passionate about, I always make it a point to share. Well, they're polite enough to listen.

The teachers in Sunday School, I am also trying to influence. The children in my fold, I keep on jolting them to know Jesus more. Whenever I can, I am trying. I just need His Grace.

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