Monday, August 3, 2009


Lately, i had met a new person in a boy called Mac in our church. He's one those people you'd choose not to speak to because he has blades in his tongue! (Joke Mac ha!)

Personally, I had an encounter with this boy last summer camp and I cried but then his words brought me thinking - maybe I hadn't tried really well as GM of that camp.

Lately, he has been sharing a lot of his passions for Christ and for the kingdom. And young people like Mac amazes me. Why? He reminded me of my younger days - days, when like he, will bring me to radically serve Jesus.

But this is not the focal point of my post!

I think in every Christian, the real McCoy should show up - genuineness that is. This will always leave me thinking -- am I a Christian after all? Who am I when pressures strike? Who am I when the cookie crumbles?

In my hearts of hearts, i know I have the worst of all flaws (according to my standards) but in this heart also, I know that my passion for Christ has always been the same -- to be able to serve Him faithfully without reservations and limits ...

And yet I find myself not doing enough. . .

What about you?

What's the real McCoy in you?

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